Medical Device Solutions (MDS)

The purpose of MDS is to enhance and create innovative medical devices from ideas originating at Cleveland Clinic as well as concepts and ideas from external sources. MDS is staffed with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who have extensive experience in medical device design and product development.

  • Connector Board
    Connector Board

    Connector board built for a device used to assess diabetic foot ulcers. Built by Electronics lab.
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  • 6-DOF Robot
    6-DOF Robot

    We can use our 6-DOF robotic musculoskeletal simulator to recreate walking motion. Test performed by BioRobotics Lab
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  • Gear Demonstrator
    Gear Demonstrator

    A gear demonstrator manufactured with the Eden 260 rapid prototyping printer to prove the design concept of dual rack and pinion gears. Designed by Engineering Lab.
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  • Gating Device
    Gating Device

    Inside circuitry of Gating Device that allows sophisticated ECG gating of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) data. Built by Electronics lab.
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  • Laser Cut Tubing
    Laser Cut Tubing

    Laser cut 15mm tubing – this cut is the first of several manufacturing steps required to make a functioning stent using our new state-of-the- art Athermal Lasercutter. Manufactured by Nitinol Center.
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  • Uniaxial Testing
    Uniaxial Testing

    By controlling and measuring the force and displacement of the specimen when stretched, we can calculate the tensile strength, force at failure, stiffness and more using our machines. Test performed by BioRobotics Lab.
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Explore Our Core Capabilities

BioRobotics Core Laboratory

BioRobotics and Mechanical Testing Core is a center of excellence for biomechanical testing of biological structures and biomaterials.

Our mission is to employ world class facilities to allow investigators to conduct high quality research of the mechanical properties of existing biological structures and constructs, as well as to quantify the potential for new technologies and clinical advancements.

Electronics Core Laboratory

The Electronics Core provides electronic design and repair services and electronic animal surgical support for both research and clinical departments within The Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

The Electronics Core can design and build custom electronic devices that are unavailable from any other source, and in many cases, can produce electronics that are better suited to an investigator's needs, at a lower cost than similar, commercially available items.

Engineering Core Laboratory

The Engineering & Design group consists of mechanical and biomedical engineers who focus on research and development related to new medical devices.

Our team uses state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD), finite element analysis (FEA), and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software as well as rapid prototyping when developing new medical devices.

Mechanical Core Laboratory

The Mechanical Prototype core facility (MPCF) is the story of a lab within a lab. We provide a comprehensive manufacturing facility as well as a complete Instrument refurbishing core.

The MPCF provides a wide range of design, manufacturing and repair services for the research, outside companies and the clinical departments within Cleveland Clinic. MPCF offers inventive design solutions and reverse engineering using a host of high tech tools.

Polymer Core Laboratory

The Polymer Core supports research and product development efforts where polymeric and biologic materials are required.

The laboratory uses both synthetic and natural polymeric materials such as polyurethane, polyolefin, silicone, epoxies and PVC and natural rubber. We have participated in projects to manufacture items as diverse as components for artificial heart programs, prosthetic mitral stent/valve, annuloplasty ring, electrical & vacuum assisted wound healing device, and brain cancer CED catheter, etc.

Nitinol Center Core Laboratory

Nitinol is used in the following biomedical applications: cardiovascular stents, kink resistant guidewires, minimally invasive surgical tools, and self-locking orthopedic devices.

The Prototyping Center is a fee-for-service laboratory providing early stage design and manufacturing of biomedical devices made from advanced materials such as Nitinol, Elgiloy, CoCr, MP35N, and 316LSS.