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Department of Biomedical Engineering
BME Guest Speaker
"Functional Consequences of Fibroblast Loss in Tissue Homeostasis and Disease"
Michelle Tallquist, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program
University of Hawaii
Friday, August 2, 2019
Hosted by: Suneel Apte, MBBS, DPhil

The MDS Engineering Core team consists of mechanical, biomedical and materials engineers who focus on research and development related to new medical devices. We have over eight decades of combined engineering experience from a variety of backgrounds. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to complement our experience, including Computer Aided Design, Digital Anatomic Reconstruction and Rapid Prototyping (see Services for more information). We have the unique position of having access to Cleveland Clinic physicians and surgeons and the support and infrastructure of the Cleveland Clinic, while at the same time having the operational flexibility of a small business .
Engineering Core Tools

The Engineering Core has the tools and the expertise to prototype concepts to life. We can start from a napkin sketch, proceed through CAD modeling to better visualize the design, and build a physical part on our Eden 260. If machining is required, we can generate the requied 2D drawings, including GD&T. Read More

 Laser Otoscope

MDS was asked to help develop a product that would increase the accuracy of Middle Ear Effusion diagnoses, which is the most common reason for children to visit a pediatrician. View Portfolio

Our engineers are proficient in Solidworks, Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Edge. We'll use the CAD package you need. Read More

This rapid prototyping machine is one of the most accurate available today. It allows us to build both proof of concept and functional prototypes and resolves design features even down to 0.004”. Read More

We can work directly with 2D and 3D anatomic data from CT scans. This capability serves the needs of building demonstration/training models, bringing anatomic geometry into CAD and providing realistic fixturing for testing. Read More