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Cleveland Clinic
Department of Biomedical Engineering 
BME Guest Speaker
"Cerebrovascular Care in 2019 - Advances and Challenges"
M. Shazam Hussain, MD
Staff, Cerebrovascular Center
Cleveland Clinic
Friday, November 15, 2019
Hosted by: Vinod Labhasetwar, PhD

Validation of an innovative concept is a key driver of value when negotiating the license of technology. MDS provides convenience and value when developing a commercialization plan and represents the first stop for the commercialization officer in Cleveland Clinic Innovations when the need exists to design and build a prototype or conduct a thought experiment.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations utilizes their Product Development Fund to support the execution of technology validation projects and MDS provides the engineering and development support in partnership with the inventors. Having an in-house prototype development partner in MDS streamlines the process of product development and simplifies the intellectual property protection aspects of any novel concepts.

The partnership between Cleveland Clinic Innovations and MDS provides a more efficient level of engagement between inventor, engineer and commercialization officer. The speed to market of new medical concepts is a key differentiating factor that demonstrates the value of this partnership. Inventors are able to iterate with the MDS staff and develop a more mature and valuable prototype that more closely addresses clinical needs and more effectively aligns with the marketplace which ultimately provides greater value to Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic Innovations commercializes all inventions and related capabilities from throughout Cleveland Clinic. Its comprehensive approach includes prototyping, seed and product development funds, clinical trials, translational research cores, animal facilities, on-site accelerator, executives-in-residence, allied venture capital, expert staff, venture advisors, start-up mentoring programs, selective in-licensing and ideation labs. Cleveland Clinic Innovations leverages the exceptionally innovative capacity of Cleveland Clinic that started with its founding and continues today with more than 200 new inventions per year.