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BME Guest Speaker
"Cerebrovascular Care in 2019 - Advances and Challenges"
M. Shazam Hussain, MD
Staff, Cerebrovascular Center
Cleveland Clinic
Friday, November 15, 2019
Hosted by: Vinod Labhasetwar, PhD

The Electronics Core is a fee-for-service electronics design, development and repair facility located on the first floor of the Lerner Research Institute at Cleveland Clinic. We specialize in proof-of-concept design and prototyping, and early stage development of medical devices and laboratory research instrumentation.

We have the facilities and personnel to turn concepts into fully functional prototypes with most or all of the work performed in-house. This includes system design, schematic capture, printed circuit board layout, board fabrication, assembly and testing.

Each member of our team of engineering professionals has more than 20 years of experience solving complex problems and creating intellectual property for our clients. Our collocation with the world class physicians, scientists and facilities of the Cleveland Clinic provides a unique advantage.
Electronics Core Facilities

The Electronics Core is well equipped to handle many projects utilizing multiple technologies. Our laboratory contains a Ray-Proof RF shielded room, three systems for rapid circuit board prototyping and manufacture, a vast assortment of through-hole and surface mount components, and computer stations with the latest design and CAD/CAM software. Read More

Oxygen Tension Telemetry System

Our engineers specialize in low power microcontroller circuits for both implantable and wearable medical devices. One example of our work with low power implantable devices is a bone marrow Oxygen telemetry system. This system monitors the Oxygen tension in the marrow space of the femur over a period of one month, transmitting the data out daily allowing researchers to track the progress of bone revascularization after damage. View Portfolio

We developed an implantable system for measuring the oxygen tension in the marrow space of a healing bone and transmitting the data to an external receiver and data acquisition system. Read More

We have developed hardware for leading medical device companies. This box was used to gate intravascular ultrasound data to the ECG of the patient. Read More

The Electronics Core works closely with physicians and scientists at the Cleveland Clinic on many exciting research projects. We built the motor control and data monitoring system for this next generation total artificial heart. Read More