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The Electronics Core continues to provide many services on a fee for service or contractual basis. Our primary services include electronic circuit design, printed circuit board production, sensor system design, data acquisition system design and electromechanical equipment repair.
Electronic Circuit Design

We can take almost any circuit project from concept to state-of-the-art printed circuit board. Our computerized system allows us to reproduce or modify working circuits easily so that you get the same quality product whether you want one or a thousand.


Design and Schematic Capture

Our engineers have vast experience in the design of analog, digital and mixed signal circuits for many different applications that include ultralow power, high resolution and RF systems. We use OrCAD design and simulation software as well as WinQCad to document and transfer designs to manufacture.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication

The Electronics Lab houses three PCB rapid prototyping instruments, a T-Tech QuickCircuit 7000 for large format boards, a LPKF Protomat S100 for high precision milled boards with automatic tool changing, and a LPKF Protolaser S for very high resolution boards on a whole range of substrates that include FR4, PET, ceramics, TMM, Duroid, and PTFE. These machines coupled to our state of the art computer aided design and manufacturing systems allow us to create working solutions quickly and design modifications and new prototypes, often in the same day. View PCB Fabrication by Electronics Core


Laser Rapid Prototyping

The Electronics Core uses the LPKF Protolaser S system for rapid, high resolution PCB production. This system can quickly create complex, high pitch boards in small or large quantities, often at a fraction of the cost of typical big run board houses.

Machininig Rapid Prototyping

We also own two CNC machine routers for PCB production. These systems are
very useful for larger boards and for machining complex board outlines and inner cuts.

PCB Building and Testing

Our engineers and technicians are expert assemblers and can build and test almost
any circuit in house. 

Electromechanical Equipment Repair

We are able to repair most electronic or electro-mechanical equipment at rates that are significantly lower than outside vendors.  We also have several instruments available for short-term loan while your equipment is being repaired.


Repair Services

Our repair technician has over 25 years of experience in equipment repair, specializing in laboratory equipment repair that includes centrifuges, incubators, shakers, water baths as well as many other types of equipment.