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"Cerebrovascular Care in 2019 - Advances and Challenges"
M. Shazam Hussain, MD
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Friday, November 15, 2019
Hosted by: Vinod Labhasetwar, PhD

The Engineering Core is primarily focused on the design and fabrication of new medical device prototypes. We provide mechanical design and materials selection expertise to clinicians and innovators both inside the Cleveland Clinic and outside. Our close partnership with Innovations helps guide our projects to develop both functional and commercially relevant devices. These projects typically last 12 - 18 months.

Additionally, the Engineering Core is involved with several multi-year projects and we have a number of collaborations with various institutions. In fact, the background of the majority of our engineers is multi-year projects.

The Engineering Core also operates the Rapid Prototyping facilities, which serves as a fee-for-service method to provide prototype models to both internal and external clients. Our turn-around time is exceptional and a quote is always provided up-front.
Mechanical Design

Our most important resource is our people! With a number of senior engineers from a variety of backgrounds, we bring both the years of experience and the creativity required to tackle the challenging design concepts that clinicians are demanding. See our Bio page.


CAD Software Packages

Our primary CAD modeling tool is SolidWorks, however we also have access to Pro/ENGINEER and Solid Edge. Our engineers have expertise in solid modeling, surface modeling, 2D drawings and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

Digital Anatomic Reconstruction Packages
Our team also uses TeraRecon, Mimics and Magics in order to work with 3D anatomic data. This allows us to build anatomic models on our Objet Eden 260 rapid prototyping machine as well as use anatomic data in our CAD packages.

Finite Element Analysis
We use our "in-CAD" FEA software to improve our designs.  When in-depth FEA is required, we partner with the experts in CoBi core!

Rapid Prototyping & Prototype Assembly

Our team has access to 1500 square foot of lab space . This serves to house our rapid prototyping, laser cutting and shape setting equipment as we as provide bench-top space for prototype assembly and device testing.


Objet Connex 350 and Eden 260

Our rapid prototyping machines allows us to manufacture prototypes in a matter of hours and in very high accuracies. The build resolution of these machines is 0.0006" in the z-direction allowing us to build parts with wall thicknesses and/or gaps as low as 0.004". Both machines have a broad selection of materials, including flexible and clear rigid resins. See our Rapid Prototyping page for more information.

Complex Device Assembly
Our engineers have extensive experience in assembling complex devices as well as the necessary tools to facilitate assembly.  Devices include: 
  • Blood pumps, including the continuous flow PediPump Ventricular Assist Device and the pulsatile MagScrew Total Artificial Heart
  • Customized bariatric staplers
  • Small French size, catheter based cardiovascular and peripheral vascular devices

Bench Testing
Our engineers have a strong background in device testing.  When we need to provide data to demonstrate that a prototype works, we can use a variety of data acquisition hardware (pressure, flow, force, strain) along with software (LabVIEW and Powerlab) in order to measure acquire both analog and digital data.  We also have expertise in designing and building custom test loops or other test setups.

Project Management

Good project management is a necessity to keep a project on schedule and on budget.  We offer project management capabilities for all of our projects.


We use a self-hosted web-based software tool to manage all of our projects.  Not only does it provide client access to important project information it also is a collaboration tool:

  • Discussion threads with email integration
  • Gantt Charts
  • Document sharing
  • Real-time budget information