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"Cerebrovascular Care in 2019 - Advances and Challenges"
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Friday, November 15, 2019
Hosted by: Vinod Labhasetwar, PhD

MDS Engineers use the Eden 260 and Connex 350 rapid prototyping systems (a.k.a. 3D Printers) from Objet to manufacture prototype devices quickly, regardless of the complexity of the geometry.  These machines have several key features that make them an ideal tool in the prototyping process:

  • High Accuracy: 0.017” (40µm) horizontal resolution; 0.0006” (16µm) vertical resolution!
  • Wide material selection: Objet supplies nearly a dozen resins; these can be blended to achieve 51 additional unique material combinations
  • Fast Build Times: Most parts are built within a few hours; same or next day turn-around is possible!
  • Easy to clean parts: provides for short turn-around times, even when builds have numerous parts
  • Low maintenance: allows our engineers to focus their efforts on prototype design


Applications of rapid prototyped parts include:

  • Demonstration models
  • Functional prototypes
  • Surgical Planning models
  • Molds for elastomer molding
  • Building parts based on CT and MRI data, microscopy images and protein data bank files

Available Materials:

Resin Name Color Opacity Characteristics
   FullCure720 light yellow transparent    Lowest cost, good strength
   VeroWhite white opaque    White colored rigid parts
   VeroBlack black opaque    Black colored rigid parts
   VeroGray gray opaque    Gray colored rigid parts
   VeroBlue blue opaque    Light blue colored rigid parts
   TangoPlus light gray translucent    Translucent rubber-like parts
   TangoBlackPlus black opaque    Black rubber-like parts, enhanced relative
   to TangoBlack
   TangoGray gray gray    Gray rubber-like parts
   TangoBlack black black    Black rubber-like parts, has some unique
   material combinations
   VeroClear none transparent    Best resin for transparent parts
   RGD5160 green opaque    Similar to ABS, highest heat-deflection
   DurusWhite white opaque    Similar to Polypropylene

For more information please contact Ryan Klatte:
Email: klatter@ccf.org
Phone: (216) 445-0289